TTP Foundation, an international not for profit NGO, was launched today at the IFPSM World Summit 2019.
The TTP Foundation pledge is to create a better future through resource management using the latest 4th industrial revolution technologies of AI, Blockchain and IoT to equip young professionals for growth and to impact the wealth of their organisations, their communities, and ultimately their nations; the resource management of everything that has intrinsic value to society such as natural sustainable riches, intellectual assets and even financial instruments including procurement spend.
Already with over 162,500 members, the TTP Foundations invites people to join and pledge their personal commitment at no cost, for forward looking organisations to partner with, and industry leaders to develop this legacy together. In return the TTP Foundation will provide education, discussion and debate forums, develop innovation, pilots and standards, as well as employment and empowerment opportunities for their members.
Co-founded by visionaries across three continents of Africa, Europe and Asia the NGO hopes to attract other founders on a global scale. Benard Odote, 35, spokesman for the foundation said “This fulfills the long held ambition of young professionals like myself to change the world, improve quality of life through standard business processes and ideals that we use in our daily lives but now in a more enlightened, systemic and inclusive manner.”

For more details on how to join and partner with TTP visit the website, contribute to the whitepaper, link to our social media platforms @ttpcenter, join our mailing list, or contact us to discuss further.

Contact: Transnational Transparent Procurement (TTP) Foundation

Benard Odote +254 719 172178 |

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