In almost every industry, supplier-buyer, stakeholder, regulator synchronization can either make or break an organization's ability to service customers responsibly and reliably while maintaining cost effectiveness and managing assets effectively.

In our daily lives we procure not with money, but with our values. We buy cars that bring us ‘joy’, purchase clothes that ‘empower’, acquire services that make us ‘happy’ … and reject offers that do not match our ‘hopes’.

Industries, markets and organisations may differ, but the supply chains apply a common set of principles to achieve results and avoid problems. It is when one or more of those principles is ignored by either player (s) that supply chain “sin” sets in. The penalty to be paid can vary. It can be anything from evaporating profits and mounting job dissatisfaction to bankruptcy and liquidation. Better products or services won’t help an enterprise get out of the abyss if the kinks in the chain are too big or too many.

TTP Blockchain helps you validate and align your supply chain as it ensures;

  • the seller is who he says he is,
  • the buyer is who he says he is,
  • all parties have the same and the right information
  • the object of the transaction corresponds to what the purchaser thinks he is buying,
  • the seller owns the object of the transaction,
  • the buyer has the means to pay for the object of the transaction,
  • the seller is aligned and compliant to the buyer values and vice verca
  • there’s contract reward linkage with behaviour compliance adoption
  • timely settlement, when the set criteria are met

Businesses aren’t just about what they produce. They’re also defined by what they purchase – necessities meant to support the quality of life, development, health, safety, comfort, and sanitation of their facilities, customers, employees and communities.

Every company, whether in times of economic boom or scarcity, is faced with the need to mitigate supply chain risks, cut costs , generate cash, manage CSR targets in order to achieve growth & secure their future. Effective collaboration and supply chain synchronization with key players, stakeholders & suppliers are critical success factors in serving customers, managing CSR targets and meeting strategic goals.

TTP is an aggregator of data and knowledge with a specialist delivery engine. These are used to enable better performance and deliver value for money for buyers and suppliers, big or small

Olinga Taeed from the Center for Citizenship Enterprise & Governance (CCEG) is a believer of procurement and blockchain technology. He eloquently wrote in an article in which he said, “My honest belief is that procurement will be the single largest instrument in the world to change the world – children will say they want to be a procurement officer because they will want to change the values of the world – what we buy, what we eat, what we sell, the values by which we transact. Blockchain and AI will change our processes dramatically.”

Our Shared Values

Buyers & Suppliers

  • Optimize organisation’s spend
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Efficiency (Sourcing) Programmes
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Category Planning/Strategy
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Market survey & intelligence
  • CSR management
  • Supply Chain risk management
  • Transparency & visibility
  • Social license to operate
  • Direct, Indirect & Induced economic impacts
  • Equal business opportunities
  • Longer term relations
  • Timely payments
  • Increase population, buyer, supplier, customer & consumer trust
  • Supply chain consolidation
  • Timely service and commitment to value

Supply Chain & Procurement Functions

  • Future fit strategy and function
  • Functional Assessments (and COS)
  • Functional Blueprints
  • Transformation Delivery
  • Procurement “as a service”
  • Capability On Demand
  • Emerging trends & technology
  • Flexibility & reliability
  • Industry 4.0 readiness
  • Better stakeholder management
  • Improved business buy ins
  • Continuous improvement
  • Increase population, buyer, supplier, customer & consumer trust
  • Better internal and external communication
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Improved spend management & control
  • Becoming buyer of choice
  • Market intelligence

Business Priorities 

  • Support business programmes,
  • Contribute to profit & cash
  • Contract performance management
  • Revenue growth
  • Supply chain risk mitigation
  • Innovation & New product development
  • Digitization & Transparency
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Supplier diversity and Localization
  • Supplier Management and Collaboration
  • Access to new markets/opportunities
  • Community development
  • Localization & industrialization
  • Sustainable growth

Staff & People 

  • Best capability and insights
  • Capability Assessment
  • Learning Academy
  • Research & Insights
  • Procurement Intelligence
  • Health Checks
  • Integrity & Competence
  • Performance management/improvement
  • Informed decisions
  • Reward for behavioral compliance
  • Trust in products

The Supplier’s Point of View


There is an assumption sometimes that villains in a procurement scandal must include the supplier. After all, if people involved in procurement have been corrupted, there must be a corruptor and suppliers can make good scapegoats. Yet many suppliers have their own written CSR targets, policies for employees about how to conduct sales activities and contract negotiation and management with clients across sectors.

Procurement teams would also do well to remember that suppliers that have behaved ethically and won business honestly also need to be paid in a timely way as well as recognized/celebrated. Otherwise, not only can motivation dwindle for upholding ethical, CSR standards and ensuring adherence to social values, but also there may be fewer surviving ethical suppliers to do business with anyway.

The immediate reaction to the idea of unsatisfactory procurement values is that it will be damaging for public relations if those values become known. This is true. In this information-rich and communication-enabled age, bad press can spread rapidly. Consumers and other members of society wield considerable power in the form of associations, forums and networks, whether online or offline. They know how to use that power to punish enterprises and organisations they consider offenders. Sanctions can include boycotting purchases of a company’s products or services, or voting governments out of power.

Supply chains and markets have globalized to such a degree that even some of the smallest businesses have supply chains spanning one or more international borders. It no longer matters that a business is an unwitting victim, or that the perpetrators are a supplier of a supplier of a supplier. There is an ethical chain of responsibility, and to be considered ethical and socially responsible, businesses must find ways to ensure they are squeaky clean and that no tier in the supply chain can be associated with such practices. This where you turn to TTP for these guarantees.

Procurement can find itself embroiled in events and situations that make world headlines. Values, Ethics—or lack of them—is often at the heart of the discussion. From the deaths of factory workers earning pittances to corruption and kickbacks in government contracts, procurement can be a hotbed of horror stories and scandals.

TTP and TTPB completely mitigates such headlines from emanating from within your organization.  It ensure that suppliers are rewarded for complying to buyers, regulators values and barres those who do not comply from winning contracts or participating in the value chain. Across all tiers of your supply chain TTP and TTPB has you covered.

We help supplement the skills within your organization and are an extension of your team through our TTPB, experts, technologies and networks, we help fortify  your organization against critical supply chain issues, errors, lapses, challenges and risks.

We never assume that doing the right thing in terms of procuring with our values is automatic. Ignorance, conflicts, partiality, vulnerability,  doubt, temptation, and fear are dispersed and replaced by a clear social value model for all to follow under TTPB. The advantages to your organization (s) are greater efficiency and total value from procurement activities, a better brand image, and increased loyalty from suppliers, buyers to end-customers/consumers and appreciation from the public in general. We help ensure good behavior is rewarded by the buyers, stakeholders, regulators and the general public.